Photography / 攝影

I never had photography lessons, but after being model and being at lots of photo shootings. I always liked the nice pics I get from the skilled photographers, and I started to take a lot of photos with a normal digital, until one day, I got my first sony NEX 3, later I upgraded it to NEX 5N…and guess what? eventhough I’m still not a pro, but I felt in love with photo shooting….daily life’s photos, traveling photos or art photos…..
我從來沒有上過正式的攝影課,但是在當了模特兒後,在被拍了又拍了無數次的工作後,我一直很喜歡那些大師們幫我拍的照,我也開始變的喜歡拍照,雖然用的是我的小數位而已。直到有一天,我終於買了我的第一台Sony NEX 3,接著我又升級到了NEX 5N。。。你猜後來怎麼了?雖然我依舊不是個專業的,但是我愛上了拍照。。。。。生活照,旅遊照或者是作品照。。。

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