About Me / 關於我

Hi ppl, this is Dave’s blog. Here I share with ppl about Taiwan and Costa Rica’s restaurants and delicacies / Photographs / Modeling life / Travel / Technology 3C and other stuff. Hope you enjoy your moment at my place and share with more ppl to the world!
嗨!大家好!這裡是方小柏的部落格,在這裡我想跟大家分享有關於台灣跟哥斯大黎加的餐廳跟美食 / 攝影 / 模特兒生活 / 旅遊 / 科技3C 等等。希望你可以享受呆在我這時的時光並向更多人分享這世界!
I was born in Taiwan, me and my family immigrant to Costa Rica when I was 9 years old. I spent most of my childhood in Costa Rica, therefore, I speak English / Spanish and Mandarine. Studied economic back in Taiwan, then I went back to C.R. and finished bachiller mayoring in English, after that, came back to Taiwan and finished the military service. In the past, I was a sales manager, a model, an english and spanish tutor, and author (published an Europe backpacker book). But now, I’m just enjoying Costa Rica and working at the family business, hope you likes me and follows my wordpress! http://www.xmdfwph.com
我出生於台灣,九歲時全家移民到中美洲的哥斯大黎加,童年幾乎都在中美洲度過,所以我會西班牙文/英文跟國語。 先回台灣讀了經濟系後,又回到哥斯大黎加讀英文翻譯系,之後接著又回到國內當完兵,完成一個好國民該盡的義務。曾經身份是行銷業務。模特兒。西文/英文家教。作家(背包客日記─流浪歐洲九國省錢大作戰之旅)。現職為中美洲哥斯大黎加中式冷凍食品公司校長兼工友!喜歡分享。偶而喜歡亂寫東西。現在挑戰部落客新領域!希望在這可以跟更多人分享,喜歡我的人也歡迎訂閱我的Wordpress! www.xmdfwph.comIMG_5225

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